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Interrogator Readout Unit - FBG-S-121

Welltech S-121 series interrogator is designed to be robust, reliable, stable and high accurate operation for fiber bragg grating sensing system. The interrogator built-in wavelength analysis module and light sources,

The interrogator has selection of 4, 8, 16 or 32 channel



  • User friendly operation
  • High accuracy
  • Stable
  • Absolute measurement of strain, temperature, pressure, displacement, load etc
  • Expandable to 32 channels, able to measure 500 sensors.
  • Wide wavelength range and high dynamic range
  • Detailed optical spectrum enables versatile measurements of fiber bragg gratings, long period gratings and fabry-perot sensors
  • Auto calibration                                       



  • Built-in wavelength module
  • Built-in ligh source
  • RJ45 , RS232 , USB interface
  • Scan frequency: 1Hz
  • Wavelength range: 1527nm-1568nm
  • Accuracy: +/-1pm
  • Repeatability: 1pm
  • Resolution: 1pm
  • Dynamic range: >50dB
  • Standard no. of FBG per channel: 18
  • Datalog function
  • Window software features: spectral analysis, peak detection, peak tracking, can export to excel
  • Power supply: 6-12Vdc 3A

No. of channel

Dimension (HxWxD)

Model: S-121-4 4 100x260x300mm
Model: S-121-8 8 100x260x300mm
Model: S-121-16 16 100x300x300mm
Model: S-121-32 32 100x360x300mm



Software Analysis:

Wavelength View (Single View)


Wavelength View (Multi- View)


Strain View


Dynamic View


OSA View





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